yoga etiquette

Please familiarize yourself with the following so that we all help to make Ganpati Om downtown a wonderful, happy, safe space for all.

1. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so you aren’t rushing and don’t interrupt the class once it has begun.

2. Respect the space.

-The yoga room is a quiet, sacred space, please observe silence upon entering. Students may be meditating before class begins. Benches provided in hallway if you would like to chat with friends before class.

-Please leave all belongings in the office as it is locked during practice and therefore safe.

-Socks, extra clothing for relaxation and water is okay to bring into the space.

-No gum chewing during class.

-Please put all props away in a neat, tidy manner.

-Unless you are on call cell phones are to be left in the office. No exceptions!

3. Please remove shoes just outside the office door and place on racks in office.

4. Practice good personal hygiene. We are often in close quarters so it is important for the body to be clean and free of scent. This includes scented creams, lotions and sprays as well. Many are scent sensitive, including Susan!

5. Honour your limits. The teacher is there to guide you, but you know better than anyone when you are in pain.  Pain is to be avoided during yoga as that is when you are at risk of injury.

6. If you need to leave early please inform the instructor and situate yourself near the door so there is less disruption to others. Take relaxation for yourself as this is an integral part of the practice and then leave as quietly as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. By following these suggestions our space will remain the sacred place it has become and everyone will have the best opportunity to enjoy their experience there.